Friday, January 4, 2019

Green Park - Victoria Line, Piccadily line

006 148 x 210mm Watercolour and Ink - £50
Station: 005/270
Date: 04/01/2019
Travelling Companions: Minnie the Dog

A walk from Victoria to Green Park station.

I figured that most of these central walks would be known to me but London still surprises me at how it connects together. I always think of Buckingham Palace as being at the end of the Mall, that's how you get to it. Go to Trafalgar Square and walk down the Mall.

But I turn round the corner and there it is and me and Minnie are stuck and squashed amongst loads of people wearing bad sunglasses in January. Everyone is taking pictures of ridiculous soldiers on horseback. Minnie thinks it's all stupid. So do I.

Eventually I walk across Green Park and wondered if they dug it up to lay the underground and then remembered that they had tunnelling machines. The past feels futuristic sometimes.

I draw the park entrance to Green Park station, it also feels futuristic. Like Logan's Run in particular.

I pick a bad place to draw from. A cigarette bin is on fire but I only realise after I've started drawing. The smoke engulfs me.

I tried to put it out with discarded cups of coffee. Other people come by and look at the fire and think about doing something about it and then don't.

Eventually someone comes out from the station and pours water into the bin. I thank them and we talk for a bit about cigarette bins. After they leave I finish the drawing and I notice the water has leaked from the bin and run into my bag and paints.

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